Silent Subliminals work best when you are in a quiet room and undisturbed while listening. Sit comfortably in a chair or lie down if possible, close your eyes and relax completely. You can listen to Silent Subliminals while sleeping, relaxing or working. Using headphones will enhance the effect.

Always listen to the Silent Subliminals at a low and comfortable volume. If possible, set the volume a little too low. Even if you cannot hear the spoken positive suggestions and texts, your subconscious clearly perceives and understands them.

Listen to the Silent Subliminals for at least 100 days for 1 hour each time.

Your subconscious mind learns through the constant repetition of the suggestions and affirmations and over time takes them on as a true belief system. The more often it comes into contact with the positive suggestions and affirmations, the more important they are rated on the priority scale and the faster they are realised.

Now I wish you much joy with our audio programmes.

Good luck,
Yours, Matthew from venderoo