The simple application of Silent Subliminals has a positive effect on all areas of your life. With Silent Subliminals you will manifest your dreams, desires and goals faster and more effectively.

Do you have difficulty manifesting your dreams, desires and goals in your subconscious mind?
You wish for wealth and prosperity, health, more self-confidence or that you stop smoking?
But your mind blocks the effect of your affirmations?
No problem!

Here comes the solution, which will help you quickly and effectively to manifest your affirmations in your subconscious and to let them appear in your life. With Silent Subliminals, also called silent affirmations, you can manifest like a pro from now on.

What are Silent Subliminals?

Silent Subliminals are silent messages in the form of suggestions, affirmations or afformations that are transmitted to the listener in an inaudible frequency range between 16 KHz – 20 KHz. An adult human being can no longer hear sounds in this frequency range, some of which are in the ultrasonic range.

The disadvantage of normal affirmations

According to the Law of Attraction, every person attracts into his life what he primarily thinks and is convinced of. This is caused by his thought patterns and beliefs.

In order to be able to manifest positive changes in his life, it is necessary to reprogram his subconscious and to free it from blocking beliefs and thought patterns. This works, for example, through positively formulated affirmations that communicate the desired state or goal to the subconscious mind.

As soon as the subconscious accepts the affirmations and believes them to be true, it immediately begins to manifest the desired in the outside world. It then appears in reality.

The problem with normal meditations and affirmations contained in them is that the mind or consciousness rejects the affirmations, making it very difficult or even impossible for them to be absorbed into the subconscious. If one is ill and says to oneself in order to get well: I am healthy and feel wonderful, one’s mind sabotages this affirmation by saying: how can I be healthy when I am sick. Thus, this positive affirmation is ineffective.

This is where Silent Subliminals, which are silent affirmations or messages, come in. They are inaudible and thus cannot be rejected or doubted by the mind. Thus they are transmitted directly and unfiltered to the subconscious mind. Since the subconscious mind does not judge whether something is good or bad, it immediately accepts these silent affirmations and begins to realize them externally.

The advantage of Silent Subliminals

The great advantage of Silent Subliminals is that the mind or consciousness does not perceive the positive affirmations they contain and therefore cannot block you. The Silent Subliminals are thus transferred directly into the subconscious and can then quickly and effectively dissolve unwanted beliefs and thought patterns. Because these silent affirmations are in an inaudible frequency range, they are not intrusive and do not become boring.

This is how you manifest in a simple way:

  • Wealth and prosperity in all areas of life
  • a wonderful and happy relationship and partnership
  • happiness and health
  • professional success
  • self-confidence
  • deep and peaceful sleep and much more

Silent Subliminals help you effectively and quickly,

  • Manifest your dreams, goals and desires and attract them into your life
  • Build your self-confidence and shed inhibitions
  • Manifest health, wealth, a wonderful relationship and friends
  • to let go of negative and blocking thought patterns as well as beliefs
  • to relax and sleep peacefully
  • dissolve fears, stress and negative thinking

Take your life into your own hands and actively shape it according to your wishes and ideas. Silent Subliminals support you in achieving everything you desire. You make yourself magnetic for your dreams, desires and goals.

How long does it take until the first successes become visible?

Since every person is different, no general statement can be made about this. Noticeable changes can already occur within a few days.

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